Our Services

With our international team we offer the following professional services:

  • Wedding Hair
    Over the years we have built up a team of experienced stylists, who can deliver a salon quality service in the comfort of your own home, hotel or resort. We will ensure that the bride, bridesmaids, mothers will look breathtaking during the ceremony and festivities.

  • Makeup
    With our team we offer professional Makeup services for weddings, photo shoots and other special occasions. We use a wide range of international products.
  • Spray Tan
    No time to sunbathe or don't want to take the risk of uneven tan lines?With our professional Spray Tan we ensure a natural glow that perfectly matches your dress for the event.
  • The Professional Bridesmaid
    A professional service for couples that are travelling by themselves. As a professional bridesmaid we will assist the bride wherever necessary, bring her into the ceremony and stand by her with all the tasks at hand.
  • Eyelash / brow Coloring
    Professional eyelash and / or brow coloring with use of professional German products.
  • Photo Shoot / Film / TV
    We offer special rates for hair, makeup and spray tan services for photo shoots / film and or TV productions.
  • Wedding Consult
    With years of experience with weddings on Koh Samui we are more than welcome to advise upon the different vendors available on Samui.

Please contact us for further information.