Spray Tan on Koh Samui

Succesfully established on Koh Samui for anyone looking for a stunning natural sun tan without the risk of sunburn or sun allergy . Our well trained team will come to see you anywhere on the island. Perfect prep for weddings, events or your flight back home..

Spray Tan for wedding Parties and residents...No more hours wasted, baking to get a tan and a stiff neck, trying to read, laying in the sun. No more risk of sun allergies or skin cancer.

Get a flawless, natural tan in minutes, no tanning lines or sunburns with Black Magic Spray Tan, now available on Koh Samui. 

Perfect for brides and their friends, who don't have the time to sunbathe or the risk of uneven tan lines.

Developing time, 2 to 4 hours...

TIP: To prepare yourself for a tan, exfoliate, shave and moisture the night before....


Ideally as little as possible to ensure you get an all over natural looking tan, some old underwear or a swimsuit. I can also supply you with disposable underwear.